Sunday, 29 May 2011

when home comes into the bubble!

End of week 5 - MY DAD COMES TO VISIT! So blessed to have had my father come to LA to spend just a few short days with me in my yoga bubble! He took 3 classes with me, and 500 other people, he did great! He was so understanding of my study time, and it was wonderful to introduce him to the amazing people here. A group of us went out for breakfast the Saturday morning he was here too! So happy to have shared a part of my yoga journey with him, this was my thank you to him...

If words were enough to express the love and gratitude I feel in my heart I'd fill pages and pages for you. A number of my friends approached me tonight saying how lucky I am to have you as my father, and what a spectacular man you are. I'm not lucky. I'm blessed. My father flew across the boarder to spend only 3 short days with me, in my hectic busy schedule where I had to leave him for hours at a time, to share even just a tiny piece of my journey with me. I can't even begin to explain the feelings. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, your help, your support and your love. You've taught me so much Dad, and I know in my heart one day you will be where I am. At times its hard, I want to cry, and scream and fight, and sometimes I do, but if everything was easy, how boring would that be? And what is just 9 short weeks of your life, its almost over and I feel as if it just began, I mean if memorizing words on a page and lack of sleep for 2 months is the hardest thing I ever do, then I'd say I'm pretty lucky. Thank you for being the best dad, man and yogi in the world. I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. Pee Wee

PS - Thanks for letting the little fish swim into the big sea

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