Monday, 2 May 2011


What is going on :( I am so frustrated in yoga classes since coming here, the first week the room was not hot or humid and I hardly sweat, the second week it was perfect, so hot and humid, almost as hot as BYL, so many people were complaining it was TO hot, and now its back to like it was in week 1, I was NOT sweating today, my arms and legs were bone dry, and what the heck is going on with my practice?! First back bend, my spine will not bend, camel - my back won't go backwards! Literally it just won't bend - and I can hardly see my toes in floor bow anymore :( not to mention to being able to hold standing head to knee or standing bow... What is going on :( :( :(

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  1. I've heard from many of my teachers that your practice goes to shit at training -- but fear not, as your practice is totally not the point of these 9 weeks. You're learning how to become a teacher, and the experience of bone dry limbs, inadequate temperature conditions, and inability to do what you once found easy at home will serve you well when you finally get on the podium.