Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oh posture clinic

Tonight I delivered 'Rabbit pose - Sasangasana' I had a pretty strong delivery, I made a mistake by saying "walk your knees one by one, until your forehead touching the knees" and it should have been "until your knees touching your forehead" - our posture clinic lead tells me my mix up and then says "do you go looking for guys? NO! They go looking for you! So its knees to forehead, NOT forehead to knees" everybody laughed, and then another teacher said "too sweet, be bitchy" - story of my life -___- all my homework is to be bitchy!

Monday, 30 May 2011

My family & yes, they are all perfect '10's'

This is my family, or more commonly known as, my posture clinic group, group 10, the J's, K's & L's - middle of the alphabet, 20 groups at TT, so there fore we are group 10 - and if you can believe it, we are all "perfect 10's" ;) okay but seriously - each and everyone of these people have touched my heart in a very special way, at the beginning of TT the senior teachers and staff said your posture clinic group grows to be your family; they were right.

Shout outs to Kelly, Becky, Katy, Omri, Ben, Liz, Danni, Ozkan, Alex, Stephanie, Pong, Aureile, Cat, Adam, Chris K, Masataka, Chris L, Dina & Sarah!

It is so humbling to watch each of these amazing people grow day by day, the laughter is endless! From tattoo days to krispy kreme donut parties, my heart smiles just writing about all of you! Thanks for coming into my life and making it better, I will never forget you! Namaste group 10, my second family!

Funny memories:

"Come to the middle of your towel, sit down 'masataka' style"
"Hands-palms together, MASATAKI"
Chris K's football coach full locust delivery!
Full locust: "Fly! Fly away! Fly away... From here!" "look up, body up, chest up, come up, more up, go up, THROW UP"
Ozkan trying to pronounce coccyx :)
Ben & I trying to talk in each others accents. 

"Hold your feet from the outside, 2 inches below the toes, BITCHES"

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thoughts for DAY 40!

This week we had 2 lectures from Jon Burras, a certified yoga therapist, a creater of a unique blend of bodywork, called Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork. He gave very powerful lectures, there were a lot of bold statements to be made about a lot of different subjects, however I found his thoughts and methods on "believing in believing" very interesting. He said this:

you can get up everyday and find something to curse, or you can get up everyday and find something to appreciate

More pieces of my heart come into the yoga bubble...

Colin and Angela came to visit TT! Ending of week 5, into week 6! They were even in my posture clinic for my delivery of "wind removing pose" (thankfully I did really well!)

love you guys <3

when home comes into the bubble!

End of week 5 - MY DAD COMES TO VISIT! So blessed to have had my father come to LA to spend just a few short days with me in my yoga bubble! He took 3 classes with me, and 500 other people, he did great! He was so understanding of my study time, and it was wonderful to introduce him to the amazing people here. A group of us went out for breakfast the Saturday morning he was here too! So happy to have shared a part of my yoga journey with him, this was my thank you to him...

If words were enough to express the love and gratitude I feel in my heart I'd fill pages and pages for you. A number of my friends approached me tonight saying how lucky I am to have you as my father, and what a spectacular man you are. I'm not lucky. I'm blessed. My father flew across the boarder to spend only 3 short days with me, in my hectic busy schedule where I had to leave him for hours at a time, to share even just a tiny piece of my journey with me. I can't even begin to explain the feelings. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, your help, your support and your love. You've taught me so much Dad, and I know in my heart one day you will be where I am. At times its hard, I want to cry, and scream and fight, and sometimes I do, but if everything was easy, how boring would that be? And what is just 9 short weeks of your life, its almost over and I feel as if it just began, I mean if memorizing words on a page and lack of sleep for 2 months is the hardest thing I ever do, then I'd say I'm pretty lucky. Thank you for being the best dad, man and yogi in the world. I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. Pee Wee

PS - Thanks for letting the little fish swim into the big sea

Struggles in week 5...

no matter how bad, old, tired or sick we feel... Just get in the room. [[Jeanne Heaton]] never let anybody steal your peace :)

its just yoga Nikki, its just yoga. Its just yoga, its just yoga, its just yoga.

Dialogue... Okay, so memorizing 90 minutes of speaking is hard for anyone, however, as we proceed through the weeks the time gets shorter in between the amount of time we have to memorizing each posture, before we were doing 1 posture every day to day and a half, now we are doing two a day... Finding it difficult to keep up, I literally read my dialogue everywhere I go, I even bring my laminated dialogue in the shower with me and tape the poster I am working on that day to the shower wall... I memorize one and its as if I literally can't remember the last one I just learned, but they say, "It's all in there, and just trust the process". I have tried SO many different study methods, and they work-ish, but the best one is TIME, pick a method, any method, and I'll learn the posture, but its just time that works best for me :( so stressed out in week 5.


May 18th 2011 - Jeanne Heaton!

On May, 18th 2011 we met Jeanne Heaton, an inspiration power woman! My description wouldn't do her justice, read her article and you will see how blessed I was to meet her, what a strong person, so lucky to have met her!