Saturday, 7 May 2011

Week 3, check. 1/3 of the way to becoming a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

Feet together nicely, toes on the line... Lock your knee... Twist like ropes... Absolutely locked... Do I even speak English anymore? Okay so... The emotional roller coaster continues, 3 weeks down, 6 to go. Before I left Candice and a few other teachers from BYL were saying if they had the chance to do TT over again (minus the payment) they would in a heart beat, I believe what people say when they say at the end of this whole thing you will be sad to say goodbye to all your amazing friends and so on, but at this point I am feeling I would NEVER do this to myself again! Once is hard enough! I love this yoga, I love learning this yoga, I dream to share and teach this yoga, however I'm feeling I'm going to turn into a yoga mat or something if I do, say or even think anymore about YOGA. Bikram says, having means nothing if you don't know how to use it... SO, this is it, this is me USING it, and in knowing how to use something, you must first be taught, so here I am, learning, studying, eating, sleeping and breathing Bikram Yoga. Welcome to my yoga bubble. Everywhere you go, you will find a yogi with there dialogue in hand, in the hall, the elevator, the bathroom, if you are quiet for a few seconds, somewhere in the distance you will hear "feet together at the line" - OH but as of this week we are not allowed to "study dialogue" in the hotel lobby?!?! Apparently guests were making complaints about us reciting the postures and having a few students demonstrate... Who would honestly complain about that? Last night I got angry in posture clinic, because before it started our lead gave us the whole "don't do this, don't do that, no, no, no" about everything from dialogue to not having electronics in the posture clinic rooms... What can we do? Okay negative ned, that's enough out of you... But seriously, Friday night, 10 yoga classes later and I'm being told I can't look at my iPod for the time... I was a little frustrated, but its all a part of "THE PROCESS" so I'll trust in it -___- Food... Water... I am always hungry and thirsty! I planned to spend $100ish a week on food, its been over that! 2 classes a day sucks you dry! On the note of 2 classes a day, I am shrinking, my legs and arms have lost quite a bit of fat, in hands to feet pose, when I lock out both my knees, my thighs don't touch! And in final stretching, my feet come together and touch (for anybody that does Bikram yoga they will know this means my legs have gotten smaller)... Hmm, what else. We met Bikram's wife Rajashree this Monday, she taught every PM class, she is wonderful! Very mothering, her class was inspirational, after every class she read a beautiful quote or poem. We started Anatomy study this week as well, we had Doctor Jim Preddy for lectures everyday this week, what a character! He made learning anatomy fun, on Monday I was saying "I'm nervous for Anatomy, I didn't do very good at Science in high school, I remember nothing" and a lady says to me "Sweetie I graduated high school before you were even born, so I wouldn't worry" I giggled. That's all for now... I miss my family!

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