Sunday, 29 May 2011

Anaaaaaatomy - Week 4, over & out.

Week 3 & 4 consisted of posture clinics and Anatomy lectures from Dr. Jim Preddy, an Emergency Room Physician at the University Medical Center, Adult ER and Trauma in Las Vegas, Nevada. We spent two weeks learning Anatomy (the skeletal system, muscular, nervous, visceral, endocrine and immune) Dr. P made learning and late night lectures really fun, I even got an A overall on both the exams! He had powerpoint presentations and slide shows with pictures and stories, lots of helpful hints for easy ways to remember the tough science stuff! He even corrected and adjusted some of the trainees with injuries and pain - he is a wonderful man and doctor, he even practiced with us everyday, some days he even did doubles with us! Can't wait to see you again at graduation Dr. P!

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