Monday, 30 May 2011

My family & yes, they are all perfect '10's'

This is my family, or more commonly known as, my posture clinic group, group 10, the J's, K's & L's - middle of the alphabet, 20 groups at TT, so there fore we are group 10 - and if you can believe it, we are all "perfect 10's" ;) okay but seriously - each and everyone of these people have touched my heart in a very special way, at the beginning of TT the senior teachers and staff said your posture clinic group grows to be your family; they were right.

Shout outs to Kelly, Becky, Katy, Omri, Ben, Liz, Danni, Ozkan, Alex, Stephanie, Pong, Aureile, Cat, Adam, Chris K, Masataka, Chris L, Dina & Sarah!

It is so humbling to watch each of these amazing people grow day by day, the laughter is endless! From tattoo days to krispy kreme donut parties, my heart smiles just writing about all of you! Thanks for coming into my life and making it better, I will never forget you! Namaste group 10, my second family!

Funny memories:

"Come to the middle of your towel, sit down 'masataka' style"
"Hands-palms together, MASATAKI"
Chris K's football coach full locust delivery!
Full locust: "Fly! Fly away! Fly away... From here!" "look up, body up, chest up, come up, more up, go up, THROW UP"
Ozkan trying to pronounce coccyx :)
Ben & I trying to talk in each others accents. 

"Hold your feet from the outside, 2 inches below the toes, BITCHES"

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