Sunday, 29 May 2011

Struggles in week 5...

no matter how bad, old, tired or sick we feel... Just get in the room. [[Jeanne Heaton]] never let anybody steal your peace :)

its just yoga Nikki, its just yoga. Its just yoga, its just yoga, its just yoga.

Dialogue... Okay, so memorizing 90 minutes of speaking is hard for anyone, however, as we proceed through the weeks the time gets shorter in between the amount of time we have to memorizing each posture, before we were doing 1 posture every day to day and a half, now we are doing two a day... Finding it difficult to keep up, I literally read my dialogue everywhere I go, I even bring my laminated dialogue in the shower with me and tape the poster I am working on that day to the shower wall... I memorize one and its as if I literally can't remember the last one I just learned, but they say, "It's all in there, and just trust the process". I have tried SO many different study methods, and they work-ish, but the best one is TIME, pick a method, any method, and I'll learn the posture, but its just time that works best for me :( so stressed out in week 5.


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