Friday, 29 April 2011

Week 2 comes to an end

2 down, 7 to go. Has it really been 2 weeks? Wow... Sometimes we forget what day it is, and have to double check with each other, or we think something happened earlier in the day, when really it was yesterday or the day before that even, the days are just blending together, and going really really fast! We are exhausted, very little sleep, long lectures, posture clinic and of course 2 Bikram hot yoga classes a day, that are usually longer than the regular 90 minutes, wowee! The room temperature has finally become normal, hot and humid! Some yogi trainees are not happy about the heat and humidity, but I love it, it feels like home :) I mean, this is HOT YOGA after all! I am finally sweating! The teachers here are great, everyone is a little different and very knowledgeable, I really miss my BYL teachers though. This journey has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me so far, but I figure I am just getting all the bumps and kinks out of the way now, in the first week I was having like 16 different things going wrong/weird with my body (not having heat in the room was a big part of it) then I got a bad cut on my finger that wouldn't heal because of doing so much yoga, then a few other minor things, but throw together 10+ minor things and you've got Nikki freaking out a little... Much better now though :) A couple late nights this week, lectures, Bollywood movies, documentaries, but we won't have Bikram until May 11th, he has gone traveling to do a number of things all around the world, the international yoga guru :) What can I tell you about this week? I started swimming lengths once or twice a day, I know it sounds crazy after all the yoga, but I am not sore! The cool water releases the lactic acid in your muscles after it builds up in class, and then I feel so nice and refreshed, plus being out in the sun makes me feel so much better, I sometimes forgot I'm in LA because we are kept in the hotel for sometimes 20+ hours a day, with little time to ourselves which is spent in our room, eating, showering, studying and sleeping. I have met so many amazing new friends and yogi's, pretty much everyone has a smile on their face and kind positive words (except at 4AM when we are kept up watching 3 hour Bollywood movies with sub-titles). Last night we had a lecture from Jim Kallet, senior teacher, owns a studio in San Diego, WOW, what a powerful man, and he is a great teacher. We talk about heat, and teaching with compassion and understanding, I am trying to be more understanding and compassionate through out this process, as well more PATIENT, living with 430+ sweaty, tired, hungry (sometimes stressed) other people is a process that takes some getting used to, as well as patience, understanding and compassion. Its kind of impossible to describe in words, nobody from the outside world can understand exactly what goes on here, except for those that are here with me, or have done it in the past, its amazing, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, tough and fun, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually this TT experience is working my whole soul, inside out, bones to skin, finger tips to toes ;) to those I love & cherish, I miss you all.

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