Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The day I met Bikram Choudhury

Today, well technically yesterday, Monday, April 18th 2011, was the day I met Bikram. All 426 of us teacher trainee's gathered in the conference hall for 10AM, senior teacher Jim Kallet, spoke with us for over an hour about rules and regulations, with kind and wise words of encouragement, just before 11:30 Bikram walked on to the stage, I was front row, 6 feet away from the man who helped save my life. He spoke with such a light to him, it was uplifting, and hilarious, his words were funny, wise, touching and right, his yoga works. At 5PM we took our first class as teacher trainee's, the room is massive, 16,000 square feet, the biggest hot yoga room in the world. Bikram taught the class, I was second row and to the right of his podium, which was at least 5 feet high. The class was challenging, but the energy was contagious, I had a really bad headache because of my contact lenses, but I pushed through it. Tomorrow will be our first day with two classes, 8:30AM & 5PM. So as most of you know, Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures over 90 minutes, each one done twice, always in the same order, as teacher trainee's we have to learn to say all 26 (what we call the dialogue) exactly how its written by Bikam... Anyways, to learn the postures over the next 9 weeks we are organized into "posture clinics" a group of 20-40 people, in alphabetical order, and as the weeks progress we progress through learning the postures, but the first posture (half moon pose), EVERYONE has to say in front of Bikram, so starting tomorrow, in our lecture hall, we start, all 426 of, each person gets on the stage with a mic and says the posture to Bikram and 3 people demonstrate the posture as you say it, that is going to take 2 weeks they say, I plan to say mine tomorrow, I feel ready to, and I just want to get it out of the way. Wheee - bed time :)

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