Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nikki delivers half moon in front of boss... And almost 500 other people!

I did my half moon posture in front of Bikram yesterday, I was probably the 30th person to go (out of 426) I was on the side of the stage waiting to go, I guess I was mouthing the dialogue with the guy who was reciting his before me, and Bikram saw me doing that, made direct eye contact with me (about 20 feet away) gave me the biggest smile and a thumbs up, I guess he saw how nervous I was preparing to go on, I was now shaking... I got up there said 'I'm Nikki Kennedy from Vancouver British Columbia Canada' people cheered, I said the right side half moon. I don't remember how I said it, how fast, if I made any mistakes, but I was shaking. I finished he said "WOWWWWW... You see that, I made that. Should I be proud? I am proud. Beautiful. She is beautiful, that is beautiful. Why you shake. I made that, I MADE THAT" I was shaking so much. Afterward Denine told me I made ONE mistake. Near the end I mixed up one word. He said my row that went (4 people are on stage at a time) had the best dialogue all day. I am really proud of myself for this, I was shaking like crazy on the stage, and that's really all I remember, except for what he said to me, that I will never forget.

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